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Translating to apple in Breton, the traditional language of France’s Bretagne province, AVAL is exclusively brewed on a family-owned farm that’s been making cider for the region for 1,000 years. And now, serious drinkers stateside can taste for themselves what all the buzz is about—and why the region has been dubbed cider heaven by industry experts.


A delightful, subtly sweet combination of four kinds of organic apples (acidic, bitter, bittersweet and sweet), AVAL is not made from concentrate and uses no added sugars or sweetener— just pure apple juice, harkening back to the way cider should be made. Experience a perfectly balanced combination of four apple varieties from Brittany with AVAL, a crisp and slightly citrusy cider. 6% ABV


  • + 100% pure apple juice
  • + naturally gluten free
  • + not from concentrate
  • + no added sugar or sweeteners


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