CNI Brands stands in solidarity with the Black community. Read about what we’re doing.

Black Lives Matter

CNI Brands stands in solidarity in the fight against racism and inequality. We also recognize that we must be better as a company to make the spirits industry a better place for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

Becoming an actively anti-racist company is a permanent and ongoing process. We are deeply committed to doing this work and will prioritize tangible goal setting and constant re-evaluation of our action plan. Here are a few of the first steps we are taking as a company. These are just a start.

  • CNI has instituted an internal education program for all current employees on race and the eradication of racism and implicit bias. The program will provide our team with literary works by BIPOC authors accompanied by workshops led by BIPOC guest speakers. This training will also be a part of the onboarding process for all new employees.
  • CNI has always been committed to being an equal opportunity employer, however, we now recognize we must actively work harder to prioritize the hiring of BIPOC individuals for any employment opportunities or contract work at CNI. This will require an in-depth review and re-working of our recruiting and hiring practices with the input of external BIPOC HR professionals.
  • CNI affirms the constitutionally guaranteed right of all of its employees to peaceably assemble. Should any CNI employees choose to exercise their right to peacefully demonstrate throughout this period, they will not be penalized, required to take unpaid leave nor will they be required to use any earned vacation days.
  • The owners of CNI have personally committed to match our team members’ individual donations to these organizations: urge you to please consider donating as well.

Again, these actions represent just our first steps in making a permanent, ongoing change in the way we conduct business and think about ourselves as a company and a member of the spirits industry and trade community.

We are here and we are listening.