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In May 2016, the CNI Brands team visited Mexico with one goal; create the best possible tequila for a Combier margarita. After visiting several distilleries, blending many samples, and shaking (and tasting) about 80 margaritas, they created our portfolio’s first custom tequila, specifically calibrated to not only be great for sips and shots, but perfect for the best margaritas calling for Combier.

100% Agave, from the highlands of Jalisco

80% Blanco (unaged) tequila. The blanco is cooked in autoclaves and distilled in continuous column stills.

20% Reposado (aged) tequila. The reposado is cooked in brick ovens, distilled in copper pot stills, and aged minimum 8 months in used American whiskey barrels.

WHO MAKES IT? Libélula is produced by Jalisco's newest craft distillery, Destilladora Bonanza (NOM 1604) located on the same estate as historic Casa San Matias (NOM 1103) and operated by the children of San Matias' legendary matriarch, Carmen Villarreal Trevino. 

Libélula is the very first and only brand currently produced by Bonanza.

WHAT IS JOVEN? Different than your typical blanco, reposado, or añejo, Libélula is a “joven” which means it is a blend. The blanco contains the pure flavors of the agave, with citrus and grassy aromas, but the oak aged reposado adds spice and richness. Rather than using just a short aged reposado that has some spice, but very light, and keeps most of the agave purity, bust loses some, we opted to take perfect final products of blanco and reposado and balance them to make an incredible mixing tequila.

WHY THAT BOTTLE? Because we are smart. The bottle is a simple well liter bottle, which is both efficient for high volume bartending but also inexpensive. The cost of the tequila is completely in the quality of the juice, NOT in the beauty of handmade bottle. Why should a guest pay a premium for a shot of tequila because the bottle is so expensive? Does that make a drink taste better? Not at all! Our tequila is produced with tequila that can rival the most premium tequilas on the market (we know, we taste tested in next to many tequilas!) but bottled in an economical bottle.


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